Sophia - Blue

Amazing model Sophia is made from the most luxury silk from Dubai. You can wear it on the bikini or like a summer dress as well. We offer more colours and colourful pattern but all of them are limited edition and we sell just few pieces from each.

Structure: 100% polyester


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Tabulka velikostí

2 490 Kč

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What length to choose?

BS models are available in two sizes, XS-S and M-L, and you can choose the appropriate size based on the size chart provided for each model. For all models, we distinguish between two lengths. We measure the back part downwards from the nape of the neck. For short covers, the length is 83 cm (i.e., stated length 1), and the extended length is 88 cm (i.e., stated length 2). For long covers, length 1 is from the nape of the neck to the ankles, which is 140 cm, and length 2 is from the nape of the neck to the ankles, which is 147 cm.

Our recommendation:
up to 170 cm - length 1
above 170 cm up to 182 cm - length 2

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