Swan story

Beach Swan is the first brand of this kind launched in our market. It offers hand-stitched original models of high-quality materials with a wide range of colors and cuts that make every woman feel comfortable in her skin as well as luxurious. The cuts are designed to flatter every body’s shape and gives women great feeling of luxury and comfort. With our new BS collection, each of you can enjoy the summer and welcome the swim season without any worry. The idea of creating beach outfits began with the upcoming trend of today, when the swimwear is not just necessity, but has become an important part of every wardrobe.


That's why we've decided that the BS collections will bring this trend to a new direction, and we've designed unique models for you to give your swimsuit the dash. Finally, you dont have to think about what you can wear for a walk on the beach, for a party by the pool or for sitting in a popular bar or restaurant, because the BS beach collection has solved it for you.



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