Beach Swan

Queen - White

Luxury model Queen was designed for collection of Miss Czech Republic. The large skirt is without spinters and stitched from three strips of cloth. The binding is in the waist and the sleeves are attached in the middle of the cut. This outfit looks really divine and you cas wear it also as a summer dress.

Structure: 100% polyester


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What length to choose?

The size of the BS models is universal and corresponds to the XS-M size. Only length is different. We measure the back from the rear down. For short casts, the length is 75cm (ie, the length 1), the extended length is 83cm (ie, the length is 2). With long casts, the length is 1 - from the rear to the ankles of 141cm and length 2 - from the rear to the ankles of 147cm.
Our recommendation:
to 170 cm - length 1
over 170 cm to 172 cm - length 2

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